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many do not receive the health education and support they need to achieve their full potential. Social pressures and gender inequality make adolescent girls globally particularly vulnerable to significant health and educational consequences. We believe an untapped resource can help address this problem: the adolescents themselves.

We cultivate a global network of youth health educators (Champions) who lead the educational process in their schools and communities, support one another in transitioning to adulthood, while fighting for gender and health equality.

Our youth-led education model works

We use an innovative, evidence-based peer education model that leverages the voices, talent, and leadership of adolescents to disseminate critical health information and bring to light gender inequality in schools and communities

We take an anti-oppression, de-colonial, feminist, and intersectional approach to gender justice, recognizing the way that gender inequality intersects with other inequalities including those in the realms of caste, religion, class, socioeconomic status, able-ism, race, colorism, and more. 

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Voices of our Champions

As a male adolescent health champion, I have to stand up for and with my female peers to fight against gender inequality.

— Abdul, Adolescent Health Champion

I want to be a doctor to heal people, but now I also want to give people the tools to help themselves. As a Champion, I am a leader, a teacher, and a mentor to younger adolescents.

— Sunaina, Adolescent Health Champion​

Being a part of this organization today I am so confident that I can handle my emotions, mental stress and find a better solution for my health problems.

— Neelam, Program Participant​

The Champions made me realize that menstruation is natural and not ‘unclean,’ as some adults have said to me.

— Kritika, Program Participant

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